Scandinavian Christmas Series

Each year, starting on St. Lucia Day (Dec. 13), I invite guest bloggers to share their favorite Scandinavian-themed tradition, recipe, or craft. New bloggers are always welcome! If you'd like to participate, please e-mail me:

Here is what has been shared over the years:

Swedish Spritz Cookies by Anna and Krista

Krumkake Recipe by Nancy

Nisse by Astrid 
Swedish Glögg by Ryan
 Rice Pudding by Margit


  1. Awesome to see that you have created this easy opportunity for everyone to see all the brilliant posts from previous years! Thank you!

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  3. I'm so happy to find your blog! I found your recipe for white dough on Pinterest and can't wait to try it! Those ornaments are lovely! Congratulations on your baby! She is beautiful!! Looking forward to learning new things...especially Christmas topics. Blessings!

  4. I have a question - I made some pepparkakor and have refrigerated it - some recipes call for overnight and one even said a week is optimal - what is the reason for this? Thanks!