Saturday, December 14, 2013

Scandinavian Christmas: Day 2

Today I am thrilled to introduce you all to Rachel, who blogs over at the lovely blog Nest Full of Eggs!  Rachel is one of the best seamstresses out in the blogosphere, in my opinion. She whips up some seriously cute children's clothing and has contributed to numerous sewing books and magazines [seriously, she is crazy talented]. You can also find her on Flikr and Ravelry. Rachel has participated in the Scandinavian Christmas series every single year! I am so thankful she is back again this year to share this adorable children's tomte outfit!

 Hello Pickled Herring readers! I'm Rachel and I blog at nest full of eggs. I'm American, but half of my ancestry is Swedish. I have to admit Christmas brings out the Scandinavian in me. I'm so happy to be joining the Scandinavian Christmas series again this year.

I'm excited to share my kid tomte outfit with you. Are you familiar with what a tomte is? Tomte is the Swedish Christmas elf, an elf to delight children.

To create this outfit I sewed a red fleece tunic and thick red and white striped cotton jersey leggings using the Oliver + S Playtime Tunic + Leggings sewing pattern.

 I also knitted, then wet felted a pair of red wool elf shoes using a free knitting pattern.

The final piece that I made was a tomte hat. It is a long red fleece stocking cap. I used the same red fleece that I used for the tunic. To make one, I cut out two tall triangles, 11 inches wide on the bottom, 31 inches tall. With right sides together I sewed with .5 inch seam allowances, cut the corner, trimmed the seams and turned it right side out. I tucked under 5/8 inch and sewed at 3/8 inch for hemming the bottom of the hat.

Thank you Kathryn for letting me take part in the series!

Merry Scandinavian Christmas!

PS Many thanks to my daughter for going out into the cold while it was snowing so I could take these modeled photos :)

Huge thanks again to Rachel, and tomorrow we will be hearing from the sweet Pam of Gingerbread Snowflakes!


  1. The tomte hat is darling! My daughters would love one. Need to get my hands on some red fleece. Merry Scandinavian Christmas!

  2. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! I knew it would be! Funny thing - as I was reading this I thought - I MUST send a link to KJ - it's right up her alley! And here she is ahead of me!!

    Rachel, the Tomte outfit could not be any cuter! Makes me wish I were 10 (for real - not just in spirit!)

  3. OK, I would totally make that darling tomte hat for myself. Next year... :-)

  4. BRIGHT RED TOMTE outfit . . . ideal for a young girl at Christmas time! Love the striped leggings too. Trio of photos in the snow reveals FUN for the model, but she was COLD.... BRRRR!!!! Unique outfit, so I hope she can wear it for a couple more years. Sarah Helene, Minneapolis