Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scandinavian Christmas: Day 6

Today we welcome back Rachel, from Nest Full of Eggs, to share how to make an adorable Dala Horse felt crown.  Rachel's blog is full of wonderful ideas relating to craft, gluten-free life, and fun projects for kids.  She has been featured in various magazines and always comes up with clever ideas!  I am so thankful that Rachel is participating in this series again and sharing such a one-of-a-kind Scandinavian gift for the Christmas season.  I am definitely making one of these for next Christmas for my niece!  

Here's how to make a Dala horse felt crown for dress-up ~ a handmade Christmas gift for that special child in your life.

Supplies needed:

2 coordinating colors of wool blend felt (I used mustard yellow & navy blue)
5 inches of elastic (I used 3/4 inch wide elastic)
9.5 inches by 2.5 inches piece of coordinating cotton fabric
large & small Dala horse cookie cutters
16 inches Dala horse ribbon
matching thread
sewing machine

What you do:

With some paper, trace the Dala horse cookie cutters & cut them out, these will be your templates & use those to cut out Dala horses from the navy blue felt.

Also from the navy blue felt I cut a 16 inch by 1.25 inch piece to go under the inch wide Dala horse ribbon.

From the mustard yellow felt cut 2 pieces that are 16 inches by 7 inches, shape the top how you want it to look (I made 3 points).

With the front crown piece sew the Dala horses on, next sew the front and back crown pieces together (I started a couple inches up from the bottom & I didn't sew the bottom together as the bottom will be sewed together when the ribbon is sewn on).

Now sew the ribbon with navy felt behind it to the bottom of the crown.

Next it's time to sewing the elastic casing, fold the cotton fabric in half lengthwise & sew .25 inch seam, turn right side out, thread the elastic through the casing. 

Take each end of elastic w/casing & tuck it in between the 2 layers of felt about .5 inch, then zig zag stitch all those layers together.

There you have a felt crown with a Scandinavian touch.

Have a Merry Scandinavian Christmas !

Thank you, Rachel, for this fun tutorial!  Be sure to pop over to Rachel's blog, Nest Full of Eggs, and check out her post about Nordic Christmas Decorations!


  1. I love this project! I am very excited because I have some very similar trim that I picked up in Norway, now I know what to do with it!

  2. Thanks so much for inviting me back this year ~ I've been enjoying your Scandinavian Christmas 2011 series !