Monday, June 2, 2014

Prepare to DYE!

I had one heck of a good weekend. On Saturday, I spent my morning at Windy Hill Alpaca Farm taking a natural dyeing class called, "Prepare to Dye!". I loved it, and not only because of the pun in the class title. Ryan surprised me by finding this class all on his own and booking it for me. One of the best surprises ever! He knows me well.

My favorite dye we practiced Saturday was definitely mint [2 right skeins]. We dyed small skeins of alpaca yarn that started off as white/cream. I just love how the mint turned into a sage-y green color. I learned a lot, and am excited to experiment with other natural dyes - I'm even going to give dyeing with wine a whirl!


Since the class was on an alpaca farm, I naturally walked around and saw a bunch of alpacas. Including this 1-day old baby alpaca! 

I ended the day going to my sister's place with Ryan to babysit our nephew and niece. We had some serious bubble time.

Hannah was obsessed with blowing bubbles. Obsessed I tell you.

What a glorious weekend!