Saturday, February 22, 2014

Glorious Weekend!

It's no secret, I freaking love the weekend.

And this weekend, in particular, because we have absolutely nothing planned! I can't even remember the last weekend I had that we didn't have stuff going on. Needless to say, I've been enjoying it immensely.

I got to wake up not  to the sound of an alarm clock for starters, then beat the rush at the grocery store. Then the rest of the day, I spent a good amount of time assembling IKEA stuff, cleaning, unpacking, and hemming some curtains. 

I also got to finally try out some recipes from one of the books I got from Christmas - Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It. I started by attempting some homemade ginger beer (one of Ryan's favorite sodas ever) and then made the sweet-salty-spicy roasted nuts, and they are delicious! I don't have much of a sweet tooth, definitely more of a salty/savory girl, and I know these will be hard for me to avoid. Oh so good.

[ginger beer starter]

[roasted sweet-savory-spicy peanuts]

In unpacking news, we're getting there. Slowly but surely. The second bedroom still consists of everything we don't know where to put at the moment, but we're making headway, and for that I'm thankful. 

One of my recent apartment projects was this dresser below. My dear and sweet friend, Alisha, has up and moved to Italy (the nerve! Just kidding...but I can't wait for her to get back!] and she let me finish her dresser makeover. She got this dresser for free, then primed and painted it, then I just added the knobs. I found these funky lion pulls that remind me of the Christmas Carol movie and I was sold. I love my Scrooge dresser! :)

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

An oldie but a goodie...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

If you're looking for a free, fun Valentine's Day craft, try out the homemade paper heart tutorial!

Ryan and I celebrated the ol' holiday by going to the Walt Disney Concert Hall here in downtown LA to see the LA Philharmonic perform, live with a Swedish singer, Camilla Tilling! It was wonderful. Plus, there was a dessert buffet afterwards. Those are two words I always love to hear, especially when combined: dessert + buffet. It was delicious.

I am very thankful for this guy this Valentine's Day.

I hope you all have a very lovely weekend!