Saturday, December 18, 2010

Scandinavian Christmas, Day 7

Welcome everyone, so glad you made it over to Scandinavian Christmas for Day 7! If you're just joining in the fun, be sure to check out the previous 6 days of Scandinavian madness full of tutorials and recipes. And now...Day 7!

I'm so happy that today my dear friend, Alisha, is joining us from her blog, Turning Over a New Leaf. Alisha and I were actually roommates once upon a time and if you remember when I posted about friends visiting Japan, she was that friend. Alisha makes really awesome handmade cards with great detail and adds nuances I would never think of. She isn't actually Scandinavian (gasp!) but is familiar with many of the customs from attending North Park University and once living with a Scandinavian roommate. So here she is, take it away Alisha!

I am an honorary Scandinavian, although I have been mistaken for a Swede before, so maybe there's something I don't know about my family tree... Either way, I love cards! If you're anything like me, and haven't made your Christmas cards yet this season, here two easy options for some cute cards!

I like to start with a neutral piece of 8.5 by 11 cardstock that you can simply cut in half.

For the first card, I've chosen to recreate a Scandinavian Christmas Elf. You will need red and off white card stock. Cut one red piece out in a triangle to look like the elf hat. Then cut out 4 circles. Two very small red pieces for the hands, another red circle (the biggest) for the body, and one more (off-white) for the head.

Next glue the pieces on starting with the biggest red circle for the body and place it where you want it on the card. Next the off-white circle for the head, then the triangle for the hat and lastly the two smaller circles for the hands. If you want your elf to have a face, feel free to draw it one with a pen! Lastly add your favorite Christmas greeting, and you've got a fun Christmas Elf card!

For the next card you will need three different colors of card stock cut into increasingly bigger triangles. I like to use the same family of color. You will also need something for the trunk of the tree, I used ribbon, but cardstock or felt will work great too. Lastly you'll need pop-up foam squares.

Glue the biggest triangle and the trunk flat to the card. Then add the foam squares to the two other smaller triangles.

Now place the other two triangles on top of each other and add them to the card as well.

Now add your favorite Christmas greeting and you're finished!

Merry Christmas/ God Jul everyone!!

Thank you, Alisha!

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