Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scandinavian Christmas: Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of Scandinavian Christmas! I am so happy to have Carin back this year to share a great tutorial for some super-cute and super-Scandinavian Christmas ornaments! Carin has a neat blog called Artfully Carin where she documents her various artistic ventures.  She is a talented mixed-media artist and Swedish to boot. Carin  participated in my very first Scandinavian Christmas series and I am so glad she's back for more this year! 


 Hi everyone, First off a huge thank you to Kathryn for letting me be a part of Scandinavian Christmas yet again. I shared recipes for knäck and ice chocolates back in 2010, and I'm so pleased she asked me to come back this year. I'm Carin, a Swede living in the UK. These days I feel more British than Swedish, but Christmas always brings out the Scandinavian in me. For the past few years, I've added a new Scandinavian-inspired handmade ornament to our tree each Christmas. One year it was felt hearts, another felt stars. This year I'd planned to make embroidered felt Dala horses, but when Kathryn asked me to join Scandinavian Christmas again, I went a bit crazy and added gingerbread men and reindeer to the mix too. All for your crafting pleasure, you understand ;-) Let's begin. 

You'll need: 


 *Red, white and brown felt *Red, white and brown embroidery floss *Red or white ribbon, or twine *Ornament template *Good scissors *Pen or pencil *Needle *carbon paper (optional) *Stuffing (optional) *Cardboard (optional) Instructions: 


 1a: For those using carbon paper: Print the template above. If you want to make a double sided Dala horse, print two copies, one of which is back to front (on my PC, this can be done by choosing printer properties> reverse order). This is so the embroidery is facing the right way on the back of the ornament. Trace designs onto felt and cut out. You'll need two of each. 1b: For those doing it freehand: Cut shapes from template above, then carefully draw around the shapes with your pen or pencil. Cut out 2 pieces of each shape. Add the pattern freehand on one of the two pieces. If you want a double-sided Dala horse, face the second piece the other way and draw the design to ensure it faces the right way on the back of the ornament. If you want to stuff your ornaments, or make them stiffer by adding a piece of carboard in the middle, add a slight seem allowance all around. Personally, I didn't find either of those necessary for these.


 2. Cut a length of embroidery thread, knot one end, and carefully embroider along the lines of the pattern on one of the shapes.


 3. Put the two pieces together, and tidy up the edges if needed, then stitch the two pieces together (I used blanket stitch, but straight stitch or back stitch works too). 


4. Thread your ribbon or twine through the top of the ornament, tie knot, hang on your tree and enjoy your handiwork. Thanks again Kathryn for letting me be a part of Scandinavian Christmas 2012. God Jul och Gott Nytt År (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year) everyone!

Another huge thank you to Carin for sharing such a fun tutorial! Come back tomorrow to check out a tasty recipe from Erica!


  1. these ornaments turned out adorable !
    I really like the Dala horse & I know my son would really like the gingerbread man :)

  2. Adorable - every one! But of course i am partial to the Dala. And the gingerbread! And the reindeer!

    Thank you Carin! Thank you Kathryn!