Friday, December 23, 2011

Scandinavian Christmas: Day 11

Scandinavian Christmas, Day 11 - woo! I hope you all have been enjoying the series as much as I have.  It is been so much fun to see what everyone has to share.  There have been so many great crafts and recipes this year and I can't wait to try them out!  Today Margit is graciously sharing her wonderful rice pudding recipe with everyone.  

Rice pudding
2 liter whole milk/full cream milk
250 g/0,50 pound pudding rice
1 coffespoon salt
Heat the milk until it boils. Add the pudding rice, then stir with low heat, when it is just boiling put lid on it, but it has to be stirred often. This lasts for an hour, and then add the salt.
Served warm with sugar and cinnamon and a lump of butter in the middle.


It is a tradition, to place a bowl with rice pudding some deserted place: under the roof or in the stables for the “nisse”.

 And it is a tradition to put an almond into the bowl when it is served, the person who gets the almond wins a present. The present is very often a little pink pig made of marzipan.

There are several ways to cheat, the most common is that the person who gets the almond hides it in their cheek, and looks very innocent, suspiciously innocent, or that you look very innocent without the almond, and the whole family suspect one another to be in possession of it.

Another way to cheat is to make sure that the children get the almond and to have a present that is fitting for a child. My grandmother once served an almond in every portion, and the whole family sat around the table looking very innocent.

Instead of eating it hot, you cool it and add vanilla, sugar and almonds cut in slices, It is not supposed to be too sweet. Instead of cherry sauce you can use other berries for the sauce.

The name risalamande sounds french, but it is never heard about in france, there is a Swedish variety: Ris a la malta, as far as I now there are small pieces of  tangerines from a tin  in it.

Merry Christmas,


  1. My MIL always put a meringue on top of the rice pudding and served it with lingonberries. Good memories. I may need to try making it this year!

  2. Thank you Margit for joining in Scandinavian Christmas with your rice pudding recipe! I love mine with Lingon berries. Well - truth be told - I love everything with Lingon berries!Waffles! Biscuits! Pancakes, Pound Cake! But the rice pudding - the BEST! One of these days I really need to try the cherry sauce!

    Merry Christmas!