Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From my Mother's kitchen, part II

Like I said before, whenever I am back home, I always rummage through my mother's cupboards and search for lost kitchen gadgets. Along with the fancy butter molds, I found this old school frosting decorator kit.

It came with 6 different tips.  Even though I already have a cake tip set, I thought it would be fun to compare the two. Plus it just looks pretty awesome.

So in went the frosting and I gave it a shot. Woah. I quickly learned that you need to have some major hand/finger muscles for this contraption. It was so hard to get the frosting out, let alone make it look pretty.

I totally should have taken a picture of the finished product.  But alas, I just ate them instead. Trying out this thing made me realize how lucky I have it to just use a pastry bag and tips. So much easier!

I ended up just hanging up the retro decorator thing-a-ma-bob up on our kitchen wall for some decor. It was fun to try out though!

Hope your week is treating you well.  It's halfway done!

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  1. Ha! I guess some things are more pretty than practical :)