Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baby blanket complete!

Well, it took me 9 months, but I finally finished the baby blanket for my new niece that I started last Spring. It was one of those projects that I put down to take a short break from, then boom! 6 months goes by without touching it. So 2 weeks ago it was my new mission to get it finished by yesterday, when Ryan and I had plans to babysit Hannah and Noah. 

I worked up until the last minute until I had to leave, but I finished it!

When I gave it to Hannah, she gave me the look you see below, which I can only imagine she is thinking, "You really finished it?!?"

She then had to check my craftsmanship.

Hannah-approved, phew!

In other news, until Ryan and I can build the base for our new-old suitcase, we are improvising without one.  I had to use a little ingenuity to make the lamp sit higher, but it will work for now!

Happy Superbowl Sunday to all you football fans out there! I, for one, particularly enjoy all the Superbowl snacks!


  1. It's a lovely baby blanket and Hannah seems quite pleased with it! :)

  2. way to go on finishing the blanket !
    (shhh, don't tell anyone, but I have unfinished projects that I haven't touched in years)

  3. that blanket is adorable, and so is your niece!!

  4. this is a lovely blanket - well done on your project.
    the photos with the baby approving the blanket made me smile.