Sunday, October 21, 2012

Los Angeles Lucia Festival 2012

Last year I posted about the annual Lucia Festival held here in Los Angeles.  In the post, I mentioned how I was hoping to get a craft booth there this year.  In just a couple short weeks, I will find out if my application gets accepted!! My friend Beth and I applied to share a booth and we are crossing our fingers we get accepted to sell our homemade goods! 

Wish us luck! :)

I'm brainstorming ideas of what to make/sell.  What would you want to buy? 

Because this is a Christmas-y type fair, I'm planning on making ornaments for sure (I've already made a few I'll share in a later post), I'm going to try my hand at freezer paper stenciling on onesies and totes, and I'll also be making a few versions of the Lucia crown for kids (sans the candles).  I am debating if I should make some needle-felted Lucia figurines; they are very time-consuming to make and I'm not sure if they'd be a big seller?  Regardless of if we get to participate this year, I'll definitely be shopping there! 

Have a great week!


  1. your ideas sound good, maybe make a couple of needle-felted Lucia figurines?? it's always so hard to predict what is going to sell, but I think a key thing is to make a variety of items...

    1. You are totally right about making a variety of items! I think I will try to do a couple of the Lucias...then at least I will know for next year. :) I was thinking of maybe trying to sew some Scandinavian style runners? Oh the choices!!

  2. I am wishing you tons of luck! I think you would do well with your adorable tomtes! They are quick and simple to make, few materials so they can be sold for a price your buyers will be willing to pay! I love mine to pieces!

    You are at a Scandifaire! Definitely make a couple Lucias to try. And don't give them away!