Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yarn wrapped bottles

Yesterday I decided to go through some of my Pinterest boards and actually make one of the things I've been pinning.  I love Pinterest, but I find that it can be a little bit of an overload (for me) at times.  There are so many cute things that I "pin" then never go back to make it.  

So as I was perusing my pins yesterday I came across these yarn-wrapped bottles.  It's quite self explanatory.  Take leftover yarn and wrap it around an empty (clean) bottle.  I used a little hot glue here and there to help keep the yarn from slipping.  And now I have a yarn bottle ready to decorate a bookshelf or hold a flower or two.

Here is the original yarn wrapped bottle post.  They did 6 in solid colors and it looks pretty sweet.  

Hope you are having a great week! Happy Wednesday! 


  1. what a great way to use up leftover yarn & doesn't everyone have a bottle or jar laying around?

  2. Love the idea - but me - I would prefer a cluster of differently shaped bottles in various sizes. Will definitely give this a try! Thank you!