Monday, December 6, 2010

St. Lucia Day

St. Lucia Day is quickly approaching, get ready! Clean out your coffee urn and start gathering ingredients for lussekatter, December 13th is almost here!

In anticipation of the big day, I decided to finish the needle-felted St. Lucia doll I started back in October. Remember this little girl? :

I think she looks a little lifeless without the candles in her wreath and without a face. So I spent an hour or two putting the finishing details on her face. I was hesitant about adding the eyes and mouth at first. I was worried I would make her look crazy or disfigured. So I added very little blue color for her eyes at first. You can barely tell in the picture below.

Then I got a little braver and added some more. Too much? I can't decide yet. I might take a little out or cover it up a bit, what do you think?

The wreath was my favorite part to work on. I used a combination of wet felting and needle felting for the green part. Then cut and painted the ends of toothpicks for the candles. I really think it pulls the whole doll/figurine (I don't really know what to call her yet) together.

Look how happy she is, she just can't wait for December 13th!

Happy St. Lucia Day!

Glad St. Lucia Dagen!


  1. Beautiful! What intricate felting -- it looks lovely.

  2. WOW kathryn!! you are so good!!!! you really should open a craft store :)

  3. Thanks you guys!

    Someday, Alisha, someday. :)

  4. Hi Kathryn. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your Santa Lucia is adorable. I must try needle felting one of these days. Have you seen Victor Dubrovsky's INCREDIBLE felted animals? Have a wonderful day!

  5. I agree with Alisha, you should open an Etsy store or something like that so we can buy these! This would be a great Christmas tree ornament.

  6. Hi just found my way over from iHanna's...

    Wow, just love your felted Lucia! She's s so cute.

  7. Hashi - I just checked out Victor's felt animals and WOW, those are quite impressive!

    Baye - Thanks for the encouragement, I really want to open an Etsy shop soon! Making her into an ornament is a good idea too!

    Carin - Thanks! I'm so glad you stopped by and I'm glad that I now found your blog! :)

  8. oh wow ! amazing detail ! i tried needle felting a couple of years ago & it just didn't work for me, you are so good at it !

  9. this is SO cute! if you ever move back to chi-town we will have to do crafts together so you can show me! Ill bring the coffee! : )

  10. Saganaga - Thanks! It took me a while to get the hang of it but now I love it!

    Kate - You know I would never say no to a crafting and fika day. You bring the coffee, I'll bring the chokladbollar. :)