Friday, August 16, 2013

Fika Friday

It's my favorite day! Fika Friday! My favorite fika this last week was when Ryan and I went over to the city of Orange. We woke up early (for a weekend day), so we definitely needed a little mid-morning fika. Because it was pretty hot out, we decided to go fancy with our coffee drinks and get a couple of frappacinos! Yum!
I got a mocha one and Ryan tried the caramel crunch one - both were delicious!

Look at that cute little mug:

Ah yes, and we split this delightful cheese danish.

Happy weekend!!!!
Fika rundown:
What: Frappacinos + cheese danish
Who: Me + Ryan
Where: Orange, CA - while doing some serious antiquing
Favorite part: It was all pretty darn great

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