Friday, August 30, 2013

Fika Friday

It's my favorite day - FRIDAY!!
I realize I've been a tad delinquent in posting these days. But I'm back! Life has been busy lately, but in a good way. My crafting buddy, Beth, and I just signed up to do the SWEA Christmas Fair again this December here in Los Angeles (Lucia festival!) and so begins the crafting! We're also thinking about doing another Christmas fair this year...2 in one season?! Are we crazy?! Yes. We definitely are a tad crazy, the good kind of crazy though.
This week, I made this homemade BBQ sauce and it turned out pretty fantastic. I did substitute the Worcestershire sauce for tamari but that was it. I also made these blueberry muffins for our to go breakfasts for the week. Also quite delicious. Other than the usual tom foolery, not too much has been happening here. Roller derby is still going great, and I finally picked out my name: Eleanor Throwsevelt, number 1933 (her first year as first lady). I'm loving skating so much!
So, for the Fika Friday. I didn't have an official fika this week [gasp!] so I decided to do a throwback fika from when Ryan and I were in Japan.
Fika Rundown:
Where: Tochigi, Japan
Who: Myself and Ryan
What: Japanese coffee and cake
Best part: Japanese cafes are the cutest. It's all in the details and this fika was no exception. Darling decor and delicious, cutesy treats!
That's all for now, folks! Happy Labor Day weekend!! :)

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