Thursday, August 15, 2013

Antique Finds

Last weekend, Ryan and I ventured over to Orange, California. It is a super cute little town just over an hour south of Los Angeles. It has antique stores galore!!

We found this lovely gem to add to our china collection, a Shelley plate (I love the square shape!):

The real find of the day was this $8 Orrefors crystal bowl! It was marked at $40, but the booth was going out of business and having a 75% off sale. Score!! I visited the Orrefors factory when I was studying in Sweden and it's fun to find such a good deal.

We also found this vintage candy shop where Ryan was overjoyed to see so much candy all in one place.

All in all, a fantastic trip! I love weekend getaways. 

Happy almost Friday! SO CLOSE!


  1. Wow, definite score on that Orrefors crystal bowl! It's beautiful!

  2. Ooooh is that Orrefors the people who did the little ice-crystal looking round candle holders your mom gave us one Christmas? Because I still have those and love getting them out every year!