Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hawaiin vacay + world's biggest mug of fika

I'm back on the bloggin' bandwagon! After an amazing vacation in Hawaii with Ryan and his family, and a wonderful quick trip back to Michigan last weeked, it's hard to be back in the real world again. I have a serious case of Hawaii fever.

It was a great trip and we made lots of memories! We drove up to this lighthouse with an amazing view:

Took a sweet boat tour of the Napali coast (Jurassic Park, anyone?!).

Toured the Kauai Coffee plantation and saw the coffee berries!

Just getting in my afternoon cup of fika:

And went to some pretty amazing beaches with awesome snorkeling! We even swam with sea turtles!

I wish I was laying on that beach right now...

Here's to dreaming of vacation. Happy Wednesday!

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