Friday, July 19, 2013

Fika Friday: Michigan edition

I got to have fika last Friday with these two crazy kids!

It was a quick trip back to Michigan, but SO much fun! I did some serious fika-ing with my parents, obvoiusly. And drank out of my mom's Shelley cup collection, which is tradition when I'm home. We really packed a ton in while I was home! We even made it over to Holland to do some shopping! It was so wonderful to be home and see my mom and dad - good times had by all! 

 [I had been awake for approximately 30 hours at that point...thank you, red-eye flight]

Another highlight of my trip back to Michigan was seeing this sweet girl! My BFF since birth! Speaking of birth, she's preparing to give birth this Fall - woah baby! I got to attend one of her baby showers which I had been hoping I would be able to, and I got to feel the baby kick! She is going to make one great mommy.

My Fika Rundown:

What: Coffee in Shelley cups, pepparkakor and shortbread cookies
Where: in MICHIGAN
Who: With my Mom and Dad! :)
Favorite part: Being able to chat in person with my parents and see their cute little faces! I miss them already!

Happy Fika Friday, everyone!

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  1. Sounds like a very good little visit!
    Mary Meyer