Friday, June 28, 2013

Fika Friday

Behold: the Lingonberry muffin. What's better than lingonberries and Fridays?! Fridays with lingonberry muffins!

I'll be honest, these muffins are actually from two weeks ago. But they are too Swedish not to share, even though I technically didn't eat them for fika this week. I used Betty Crocker's recipe for "Make it Mine Muffins" and used half a jar of lingon for my "add-in". I also added an extra lingon dollop on each muffin once they were in the tin, then gave them a little swirl. Pretty tasty little suckers.

My Fika Rundown:

What: Lingonberry muffins with black coffee (as usual)
Where: at home
Who: With Ryan
Favorite part: Making the muffins and waiting to see if they would work...and they did - success!

Life has been pretty nutty lately but it's all about to slow down soon! Next week Ryan and I have a VACATION! I can't wait! We are going to Hawaii with Ryan's family and I am so excited! Stay tuned for pictures when we get back. :)


  1. They look delicious! Have a wonderful time in Hawaii!

  2. Oh....Hawaii! Have a wonderful time! Looking forward to your pictures.

  3. Lingonberry muffins! What a great idea, they sound yummy!