Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fika Friday, weekend edition

Ok, I may have missed the Fika Friday post for last week...oops. But here is a photo of my favorite of fika the weekend. Yesterday, Ryan and I had a little post-breakfast fika of aeblskivers with lingon. So. Good. 

I hardly ever make aebleskivers outside of the holiday season, so it was a nice weekend treat to cook up these little guys.

And for some non-fika news, I've decided to try out roller derby! I bought a new pair of skates and have taken them out for a few little joy rides this weekend. I'm in love. [Don't worry, Mom, I'm wearing knee pads - see!]

So that's about all that's happening here. Work. Play. Fika. We're living the good life.

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