Saturday, November 19, 2011

Scandinavian Christmas 2011

Thanksgiving is almost here which means Christmas is peaking it's little head around the corner. I loved putting together the Scandinavian Christmas series last year and am so happy to say that it will be happening again this year!

Kicking off on December 13, Santa Lucia Day (!), there will be a series of guest bloggers sharing some of their Scandinavian traditions, Scandinavian Christmas crafts, and Scandinavian recipes. Prepare yourselves to get seriously Scandinavian this holiday season.

There were so many awesome guest posts last year, one even for pickled herring! I hope you stick around to check the series out this December, you won't want to miss the incredible creative minds that are participating this year!


  1. I'll check later to read some Scandinavian recipes during the Christmas holidays. Although I am of 100% GERMAN descent married to a native of India, I love to try recipes and sample ethnic foods from diverse cultures. I sew & crochet and LOVE new small GIFT ideas to create for friends and family members alike. THANKS in advance.

  2. How exciting, I am looking forward to this series. My sister and I made krumkakke this weekend, just what I needed to get in the spirit.

  3. I'm so glad you will check in Sarah, I think you'll enjoy the series! :)

    KJ - I love krumkakke!