Sunday, November 20, 2011

Half cable knit cowl

I have been knitting away this entire weekend after coming into some beige-ish, nylon/acrylic blended yarn from my Aunt (thank you!). I'm knitting a cowl since it's been getting quite chilly here in SoCal during these Fall months and I will soon be in the very chilly midwest.

I love the cable stitches that are worked throughout, it really spices it up a bit! I am using this free pattern from Julianne that she titled the "Burberry inspired cowl neck scarf". The scarf she got the inspiration from (Burberry) was $750 (?!?!?!). I personally don't know of anyone who would spend that much to keep their neck warm.

I actually don't even know if I will keep this project or gift it...I'm still deciding. It will largely depend on how it turns out (or how attached I become...ha).

I'll be sure to post some finished pictures when it's completed. I just love knitting when it's cold out!

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