Sunday, September 25, 2011

Finished Stitching

I finally finished the Swedish bell pull I started a couple months ago. It actually went pretty fast, I just didn't work on it consistently. It says "Welcome" in Swedish. I just have to hem the edges, attach the bell pull and then hang it up!

If you didn't know, I acquired the above cross stitch kit from my mom who had some adorable Scandinavian kits hidden away in her linen closet. Along with the kit I found a Jane Snead sampler (a mail order company that is now out of business, sad) book which contained this pattern that I'm trying my best to find a copy of:

It is definitely one of my favorites from the sampler book. There are many more awesome patterns that I will share at a later time, they are pretty great.

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  1. Jane Snead Samplers now has a new Facebook page,