Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A fat wife and full barn...

...never did any man harm

After posting about this Jane Snead pattern I did a little research and found out that the owner (I think?) has a ebay shop and sells some of the old kits! Unfortunately, I didn't see my favorite one in the mix:

But I'm going to keep looking! Here are a few other of my faves from the book:

This one reminds me of my older sister, she loves everything tulilps.

The next two just make me giggle.

This one is just cute.

I found this one on ebay and want to stitch it for me and Ryan's 1 year anniversary.

I so wish people still designed cross stitch like this. Maybe I will start to!

I have a new found love for cross stitch. Something about how relaxing it is to stitch and stitch and let your mind relax. Plus it's the perfect portable craft. Yay for cross stitching!


  1. i really like the "my house is clean enough..." one :)

  2. I like the wedding sampler.
    If you make one for yourself you need to include the cane! Ryan can totally rock the cane.