Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful Thursdays # 4 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Because this is the final week of Thankful Thursdays, I've decided to make a top three list. So here it is.

1. I'm thankful for little-kid drawings. It's so much fun to see how a kid sees things. My niece is one heck of an artist and at the age of 5 has drawn me some down-right cute pictures.

And being a teacher here has its perks. I get to see kids draw almost everyday. Sure, sometimes I have no idea what they're drawing but that's the best part. They are intently drawing something and they know exactly what it is. Here are a few current pieces of wall art I have hanging in my apartment at the moment:

2. I'm thankful for food. Yes, food. I've been able to try so many different kinds of food while I've been in Japan and love most of them. I'm still trying to acquire a taste for octopus, but other than that I am on board with almost every food I try. I've even begun to like natto- smelly, sticky, fermented soybeans.

3. I'm thankful for creativity. I realize this is a pretty broad thing to be thankful for, but, oh well. I love seeing other people's blogs and looking at how everyone is unique in their creativity. I love browsing Etsy and looking at the fabulous ideas. I love going to art museums and getting inspired by the massive amounts of creativity in one place. I think every person is creative in a different way and it's so much fun to see!

How great are those prints?! I am loving Matte Stephens' work on Etsy, totally inspiring! And the buttons are pretty cute, too.

What are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day?

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