Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Top 3 tutorials to try

There are so many great tutorials floating out around the internet, my list just gets longer and longer. Here are a few great tutorials that I can't wait to try:

This adorable little dress over at MADE is absolutely precious, and best of all - absolutely free!

This cute pillow tutorial is over at Just Another Hang Up looks modern and simple. If I had a sofa, I would totally be making one of these right now.

And how about this great repurposed neck tie into bow tie over at Make It and Love It? I've always loved a good bow tie. Ryan may be getting one of these in the next few weeks...


  1. My daughter is quite crafty. She would love to make that pillow!! Thanks!

  2. OMG. i LOVE that pillow so much!! it's beautiful!!

  3. I think it's pretty cute myself!

    You should make one Alisha!! :)