Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Aquavit Station

So maybe it's because Ryan and I have been watching too much Mad Men recently, but I had the sudden urge to make a little bar in our dining room. I knew it couldn't be just any bar, though. It would have to be an Aquavit bar.

What is aquavit you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked. Aquavit is a Scandinavian liquor which tastes of anise and various other spices. The name "aquavit" is derived from the Latin word which means "water of life."  And I couldn't agree more. [just kidding, mom!]

If you too would like your very own aquavit bar but don't know where to purchase it - look no further! Bev Mo sells it apparently. Who knew?! I'm also in the process of attempting to make my own! Not distilling my own, but essentially just infusing vodka to get a similar taste. I'll be sure to post about how it compares to the real deal when it's finished.


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