Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little things

Just chugging away this week. Not much time for any serious crafting, but I did figure out that you can use knitting patterns for pearler bead patterns - success!

I've obviously been trying out a bunch of Scandinavian knitting patterns with the pearler beads. This little crayfish was from the crayfish hot pad pattern I knit a couple months back. 

So here's to enjoying the cheap thrills in life. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I used to love to do these with the kids when they were younger. Could you also use them to design a pattern? I obviously know nothing about knitting except that I love it when my mom knits me stuff.

    1. I love that idea of using them to design a pattern, I didn't think of it in reverse but it's brilliant! :)

  2. what a sweet Danish heart!
    all knitted and cross stitch patterns will be ok for your beads