Monday, March 31, 2014

New Wool

Back when Ryan and I went to Arizona, I scored this awesome raw wool from Tempe Yarn & Fiber. It was a great shop, I highly recommend it if you live in the area and are into yarn and/or roving.

What sold me was the cute picture of the lamb it came from! Look at that cute lamb face!

I love it because it has some natural curl to it, which I think will make for some super cute tomte beards. They were a big seller at last year's Lucia fair, so I hope not to run out this year. I also am hoping to design a Lucia for this year's fair. Either needle felted or a combination of mediums - wish me luck!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. This would be perfect for tomte beards! How sweet that the a photo of the lamb it came from is on the tag!

  2. Wishing you LUCK!!! In Caps!! How does one ever resist something so yummy? And using it for Tomte beards - OMG. Be still my fluttering heart!

    Am in the middle of my first Lucia right now! Don't you think it is time I had one? Can't wait to see what magic you come up with!!!