Sunday, May 5, 2013


Just wanted to pop in and show you all how the headbands are coming along!
Here are some of the headband designs I have made so far:

All of my ribbon for the headbands I either been bought on Etsy or my mom has found at various Scandinavian stores over the years (thanks, Mom!). I backed them with a solid color ribbon and add elastic to loop them together.

My favorites are the Dala horses on blue and the red hearts with blue flowers and green vines. After all of the craft fair craziness I will post a tutorial on how to make them!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  1. oh, I really like these ~ looking forward to the tutorial :)

  2. Your booth will just be brimming with joyful color! These headbands are so lovely, Kathryn. My favorite is the one with the dala horses on the cream background. If you have some short ends left over could they be made into bookmarks?

    1. That's a great idea, Nancy! I will have to try one out!

  3. Is it ok to be jealous?

    These are all absolutely gorgeous! I love every one! Diane gave me some delicious ribbon recently- so - yes please - I would love a tutorial! When you're not busy!!!

  4. they are indeed beautiful! my favourite are definitely the dalas :)
    but the remaining ones are so pretty too.
    looking forward to reading about your tutorial