Friday, May 3, 2013

Fika Friday

It's about that time again. Fika Friday is here.

And in honor of my sweet lil' sister who just got ENGAGED (!!!!) I am doing something a little different for today. A throwback fika, if you will. Maren and Ryan came to visit back in February and stayed with me and Ryan. Needless to say, we had fika.

[the happy couple on their engagment day!]

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of all of us at that fika back in February. However, here is one photo from that fika of my Ryan (two Ryans in the family now!). Check out that professional shuffling by Ryan. You can catch a glimpse of Maren's Diet Coke can on the left side. Oh Maren. I still don't understand how she doesn't like coffee. What kind of Swede are you, Maren??!

My fika rundown:

When: February 2013
What: Coffee for some, Diet Coke for Maren, cookies
Where: Our apartment, kitchen table
With: Me, Ryan, Maren and her Ryan
Best part: Playing Euchre while drinking copious amounts of coffee

I'm so excited to have another great brother-in-law and to celebrate with Maren and Ryan during this super exciting time!! Woooo!! Can't wait for the big day!

What was your favorite fika of the week?

Happy weekend, everyone!

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