Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sister crafting

Well folks, it happened. My sister, Caryn (pronounced car-in, not care-in), and I held our very first 4S day.  Which stands for Second Saturday Sister Soiree. Every second Saturday of the month, we have planned to get together and get our craft on. Most of our projects will be Christmas related since our Christmas craft list is pretty ambitious and we never think of starting the projects until, uh, Christmas.  And by then it's too late.  So we are starting NOW! 

Here we are preparing for our first project: Advent calendars. 

We were in search of a Scandinavian-looking, simple designed, cute DIY calendar.  We flipped through some of my Scandinavian craft books for inspiration. 

We searched the ol' world wide web.

And finally found a couple we really liked! 

This one from Craftsy was our fave. It's simple and modern Scandinavian looking.  We are going revamp it a bit so it is even more Scandinavian too.  Instead of "December" at the top, we are going to have it say "God Jul" (Merry Christmas is Danish and Swedish). We are also going to use some Swedish ribbon for the hanging part.  I love that you can change up what you put in the pockets every year.  Growing up, we had an advent calendar that my mom would fill with mini candy canes.  

This next one was a very close second for me. I love the details and embroidery.  It's eclectic and cute. And you could easily up the Scandinavian vibe on it by embroidering a Danish heart here and a little tomte there.

Linaloo made this one (super cute blog too, check it out!):

Hannah was so excited about our advent calendar project that she threw up a little bit. 

Doesn't that face just make you smile?!

So now that Caryn and I have decided on our design, our next step is going to be saving up our craft coupons and buying our supplies. Here's to Christmas crafting in January!

I hope you are all having a great week!


  1. You two are beautiful! How much fun! I am working on cross stitch kits I have had for years that I bought up in Solvang. The one I'm currently working on is an Advent calendar ~ it's by Permin and has been discontinued, so I am very happy I bought it!

    Have fun crafting! Please post updates!

  2. Oh I am going to love reading this series and keeping up with you and your sis! Especially because - well - you know - Christmas! Craft! Scandinavian!

    Adore the advent calendar you decided upon. It will be perfect! Can not wait to see it completed!

  3. how fun !
    love the advent calendars ideas... someone actually sewed me one like Linaloo designed, this was several years ago & it was sewn in linen & purples.

  4. Love this post! Such cute sisters and Hannah is ADORABLE! (LOL about the caption about her spitting up too). So jealous I don't live closer - would love to do this with you guys, as clueless as I am about crafts. I love advent calendars and these are just soooooo cute. Can't wait to see the finished product!