Saturday, May 5, 2012

There's a dragon in my mouth!

After listening to a recent NPR story about chili-heads, I knew I had try making my own hot sauce.  Ryan is obsessed with spicy foods and a chili-head himself and I knew he would be on board with me attempting my own hot sauce.  Since I already had quite a few Thai chilies in the fridge from a cooking adventure earlier in the week, I decided to make a roasted Thai pepper sauce.  Be warned, these little suckers are hot.

After testing the final product, Ryan said, "It feels like there's a dragon in my mouth!".  Needless to say, he had tears running down his face along with a running nose.  And he still went back for more and more - crazy!

Roasted Thai Chili Sauce
adapted from this YouTube video

Approx 1 cup Thai chilies, red or green
1 tsp kosher salt
white vinegar, enough to cover chilies

First, rinse and drain your chilies well.  Remove all stems.

Place chilies in a preheated pan on medium-high.  Stir frequently to prevent burning.

After a couple minutes they should start to look slightly roasted.

A few minutes more and they should be done roasting.

Remove from heat and dump chilies in a food processor.  Add your salt and vinegar, I poured the vinegar directly over the chilies until they almost covered them.

Grind 'em up!

Pour into a glass jar and refrigerate until use.  Ryan likes to eat it on just about anything.  Chips, crackers, sandwiches, and especially veggies that he's try to mask the flavor of!

He's loving it!


  1. OK - I KNOW BETTER than to put something like a dragon in MY mouth! But i happen to know a couple guys that might just be game to try this! Forwarding your recipe on to them!

    Very pretty post by the way.

    AND - what is that I spied in the background of one of the stove shots? A Dala? What is it exactly?

  2. Me too, Pam! I won't eat it since its waaaay pastmy spice threshold! Thx for passing along the recipe!

    It's actually a mini Dala pan I found at Ikea years ago! I use it to keep kosher salt for when I cook. :)