Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Swedish Christmas Fair: the loot

So let's look at the loot that I picked up from the Swedish Christmas fair. There was an amazing booth of secondhand books in Swedish. And the best part...they were buy one get one free at $1 a book, so 50 cents a book! I got a Swedish cookbook from the 70's, I just love the cover.

And for the free book I got this Jan Guillou novel. I read part of his trilogy on the Knights Templar for my senior seminar class in Swedish and want to brush up since my Swedish is fading, fast.

These homemade little tomte were made by volunteers from the Swedish Church of Los Angeles, so cute!
Ryan and I bought 2 straw ornaments to expand our very small collection so we can decorate our tree!

And this original design Lucia card shouted my mom so I picked it up for her.

This linen calendar was from the same booth as the secondhand books. It was only 50 cents!
I know it's from 1992 but I thought for 50 cents I could make something with the adorable pictures surrounding the calendar part. I love the old Swedish coffee pot picture.

And the pots and pans.

And last, but certainly not least, I bought a yard of this precious fabric. It will make an adorable Christmas runner once I hem the ends.

So, as you can see, the fair was a raging success! I am quite thrilled with my purchases and can't wait to apply for a booth next year. I feel good that I got a few gifts and am feeling almost ready for Christmas! :)


  1. !!!
    love the Lucia card & red/white fabric you bought !

  2. YOU have really brighten my spirit with this post and the last. thank you so so much for sharing your trip to the Scandi Fair. I love every single treasure you brought home. Especially the runner fabric and the straw ornaments! I actually have a star exactly like your that I purchased at the Scandinavian Shop when I used to take Diane and her brother every July when they were children! i could not believe my eyes.

    And by the way - these are NOT easy to duplicate. Believe me - I have tried! Failed!

    OMG and the tomte. to adorable for words. Must get busy and make more tomte!

    Again, thank you for taking all the time to share so much of your visit to the fair last weekend. Hugging you twice!

  3. Rachel - the heart red/white fabric is my favorite item from the fair!

    Pam - You would have loooooved this fair! I hope you find one to go to next year in your area! :) And, I don't think I'd ever have enough patience to make straw ornaments. If I tried they would look lopsided for sure. :)

  4. WOW! What treasure. Why aren't there more Swedes in texas? Maybe there are... I'm just not looking hard enough :)
    Those straw decorations bring back lovely Christmas memories! Do you guys have Christmas goats? We have a goat, instead of an angel, on top of the tree this year!

  5. What a great idea to have a goat as your tree topper - love it! :) We have a decorative goat - our own little IKEA "Julbock" which we love. :)