Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Major craft fail

I was so excited about this project before I started and then the more and more that went into it the more and more I didn't like it. I was attempting to make a Fall wreath by taking a straw wreath (cheap) and hot gluing split peas all over it. I saw quite a few like it when I googled "diy fall wreath".

So I bought some new hot glue and got started. Word to the wise, do NOT buy RoseArt brand hot glue, it is awful. I did a section with teh glue I had and it worked great and as soon as I switched to this glue things started going downhill, fast.

I started gluing the split peas on...

And one by one they kept falling off when I switched to the other hot glue.

You can see the section on the right side where they are sticking, that was from my previous glue stick (which I wish I had more of...).

Needless to say, this time-consuming project was discouraging and I ended up scrapping the hot glue idea altogether. Instead, I wrapped some white fabric around the entire wreath and will hopefully figure out an alternative idea to the whole Fall wreath idea.


  1. thanks for the tip ~ I'll avoid RoseArt hot glue sticks... you have a great sense of humor to be able to share your craft failures

  2. Ha ha, thanks Rachel. :) I just recently received a tip that almost all RoseArt products don't measure up to "normal" art product standards. It definitely wasn't worth saving $1.