Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A cute jumper for a cute niece

This is my 2nd project (1st one here) from the One Yard Wonders craft book I got for Christmas. It's a playful jumper/dress for my niece! Unfortunately, I can't take any pictures of her in it because I won't see her until I'm home from Japan (in less than 2 months, woah!).

This was a very straightforward project and the directions were fairly simple. It didn't take very long either, it could easily be finished in a day. The measurements for the elastic were a little big so I took off about 2 inches to get the jumper to the size I needed.

I've really been enjoying the One Yard Wonders book, it has lots of quick and simple projects. Not to mention it helps me think of ways to decrease my ever-growing stash of fabric. If you're into craft books, be sure to check out Rachel's month-long series over at her blog, Nest Full of Eggs, she's reviewing a different 2010 craft book everyday!


  1. oh, good to hear it's a straightforward & simple pattern, because i do plan to sew one in the future... i think i made a note to myself that this pattern would make a great Dorothy dress, from the Wizard of Oz, you know in white & light blue check fabric, put a white shirt under it & add red glitter shoes (& of course you can't forget the basket & little dog)

  2. Adorable and simple! Love the fabric you chose too.

    What I love most about these kinds of simple dresses is that they can be worn longer than more fitted garments. If you make another, make the straps a little extra long and add extra buttons!

    And of course, they can also become cool tops for shorts of pants!

  3. Ahhh that would be perfect Rachel! It would be fun for dress-up or Halloween! :)

    That's a great idea about adding extra buttons and length in the straps, Pam, thanks!

  4. Lucky niece! Very pretty, one of these days I am going to pick up that book.