Saturday, February 5, 2011

Echino fabric and a new bag!

One of the best things about Japan is its vast selection of amazing fabrics!

I've especially been loving the Echino fabric. It's funky meets cutesy. It's a bit pricey though so I usually wait until I rack up points on my craft card to get a discount. :) I bought this plum-colored, bird design Echino fabric a couple months ago and finally made something with it!

I got the One Yard Wonders craft book for Christmas this year and used the "folklore bag" pattern for this project.

I've sewn a couple bags this past year while I've been in Japan and this is by far my favorite pattern so far. It's roomy, has a pocket and a magnetic closure which I absolutely love.

The magnetic closure was way easier to install than I was anticipating. And it's so convenient! It took me 2 days to sew the bag but could easily be finished in an afternoon, I just didn't have a huge amount of time when I started.

When I went to the craft store to pick up the magnetic closure I saw these fabrics 1/2 off!! I had my eye on that tree fabric for a while so I bought 1 meter of each it was such a good deal!

I'm going to make a little dress/jumper thing-a-ma-bob out of that flowery fabric for my niece, another pattern from the One Yard Wonders book.

What have you been making lately?


  1. the fabric with trees caught my eye ~ very nice !


  3. The tree fabric is fantastic. The bag looks great. I had looked at that book several times. Do you really like it, does it have good projects?

  4. So far this is the only project I've completed from it, I'm in the midst of doing project #2. Overall, it has some pretty cute purse/bag patterns and little kid clothing patterns that I love! The adult "clothing" section isn't my fave, but it's a very small portion of the book. I'd totally recommend it if you're looking for some quick, fun projects - especially kids' stuff!