Wednesday, January 12, 2011

T minus 5 months!

It's coming fast, in just 5 short months Ryan and I will tie the ol' knot!

While we were back in the States for Christmas, we attended my BFF's wedding on Jan. 1, it was a blast! She made all her bridesmaids these adorable black velvet cape-lets (as seen below!), how precious is that?! And on top of that, she also made all her wedding favors - Michigan apple butter and Swedish nuts in adorable mini mason jars. Needless to say, I left her wedding quite inspired and motivated to get cracking on me and Ryan's wedding crafts.

I found a beautiful wedding dress when I was home over break and am so excited about it! And when I move back to the States in 3 months my mom is going to help me make my veil using the pearls and applique from her wedding dress. I'm so excited to work on it!

I've been scoping the world wide web for some other fun DIY wedding ideas and came across this adorable idea from La Belle Bride. This fantastic tutorial shows you how to make your own felt heart bouquet. Isn't it adorable? I was thinking it would make a cute toss bouquet!

And in my previous wedding post I mentioned how I wanted to use these Swedish salt and pepper shakers as the wedding cake topper, and guess what? I ordered them, we are going to use them, woo hoo!! Plus, I'm excited to be able to use them after the wedding, a fun little reminder of our big day!

For our favors, we're planning on doing a Swedish-themed candy table. Ryan has a pretty big sweet tooth (more like mouth full of sweet teeth) and we thought it would be a fun idea to have it all be Swedish! Swedish fish, junglevral, bilar, polka mints...the options are endless!!

I would also like to DIY the center pieces, place cards, bridesmaid gifts, and programs for the ceremony. So much to do! But luckily I have very crafty friends and family to help me! :)


  1. As a wedding photographer who has photographed nearly a thousand weddings - your wedding cake topper is the coolest cake topper I have ever laid eyes on! I LOVE it.

    A little advice - DIY is rewarding and fun and certainly personalizes the day beautifully - but plan to have all that crafty goodness completed at least one month BEFORE the big day! Advice from one who has seen too many frazzled, tired brides who were burning the midnight oil to finish. All that work and they didn't even enjoy the day.

  2. Wow, thanks Pam! :)

    Luckily, for the DIY stuff I will have almost 2 full months off before my wedding to work on stuff, so I should have plenty of time. But if I'm getting stressed out I'll just buy something instead. :)

  3. I MISS YOU!!!! you guys look so great in that picture! i even showed my male co-worker! haha! can't wait for your WEDDING!!!!!! and to live in the same city as you :)

  4. Sounds like a great idea! Love that 'caketopper'!!