Monday, January 10, 2011


I love crafting. I've always loved crafting, especially as a kid. My parents kept some of the projects I made when I was a kid and although they certainly don't show any signs of artistic talent, it's fun to look at things that I was excited about creating.

I've recently realized that I always want to craft. Whether it's just for things around the house or to sell in stores. I would love to one day be able to sell things I make, but I want to make sure I stay excited about what I create. Having little experience selling what I make (I've only done 1 craft fair), I know it will be a balancing act to make sure I stay focused and excited instead of getting burned out.

All that to say, I got some really awesome craft books for Christmas! They are very inspiring and informative on what to expect when starting up your very own craft business. I'd like to start up at least an etsy shop by the end of 2011 and these books have already been very helpful, check 'em out!

The Handmade Marketplace is a gold mine of information on starting up your own crafting business. It has some great tips on branding your crafts and discovering your style, both things I need to figure out!

Craft, Inc. overlaps with some of the information given in The Handmade Marketplace but gives tons of first-hand experiences and insights by professional crafters which I found extremely helpful.

This book isn't about starting up a craft business at all, it's all about creating things for your home that reflect who you are as a family. I absolutely love it! I've already started the list of what to make for when Ryan and I get hitched and move into our first place together. I'm also going to make his wedding present from an idea in this book which involves a word-burning tool kit, and no, I've never used one before...wish me luck!

What are some of your favorite craft books?


  1. i highly recommend Crafting a Meaningful Home, too !

    my favorite crafts? there are too many... the whole month of Feb i'll be blogging all about 2010 craft books & what i created from them :)

  2. Isn't that book awesome?! I want to try the doily rug, it looks kinda tricky though.

    I'll definitely tune in to your posts in Feb. about craft books, I love them! :)