Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another garland

After reading Astrid's post about hearts (also check out her super-cute ideas for chalkboard paint!), I got out my felting needle and went to town. I had a bunch of leftover twine from the chili pepper garland project and thought it would work perfectly to make a garland with the felted hearst. It did.

I needle felted 6 hearts in 6 colors then hot glued them (thanks Mr. G) right onto the twine. I should have made 2 hearts of each color because now you can see the big glob of glue on the back of the hearts. I guess as long as I have them hanging against a wall of some kind it should be fine.

I hung them up on my full-length mirror and love how it brightens it up!

Sticking with the garland theme, I made this card last week. I used Japanese washi tape and cut triangles then sewed across the card stock to make the bunting look. I like the overall look of it, but wish I hadn't done it on the blue card stock. I think cream or black would have been better. Oh well, next time!

1 comment:

  1. I love them needle-felted! Very clever. I bet the light would shine through them beautifully.