Monday, January 26, 2015

All about food

I feel like Ryan and I have had some really good food lately and I just wanted to make a list of things so I don't forget them. Sorry this post will be boring and sans pictures. 

This past weekend we ate at the Pie Hole and wow. Such good sweet pies. The maple custard is a must get. I am drooling a little bit just thinking about it. The savory pie I had (curried veggie) was ok. But then again, I'm not much of a savory pie girl unless it's quiche. Ryan loved the chicken cornbread pie he had for lunch. I want to go back!

We also walked to this Italian restaurant in our neighborhood called Spumante. We've walked by it many times in the almost 4 years we've lived in our neighborhood, but always forgot to go back to it. I'm so glad we tried it out because it is so good! I had the cheese ravioli and it was the best cheese ravioli I've ever had. The marinara sauce was soooo good. 

Recipes we've been eating lately:

-This vegan queso is quite tasty. Even Ryan loves it - he even said if I hadn't told him it was vegan, he would have assumed it was cheese-based. Win! We liked it enough that I've made it a second time. 
- These pumpkin chocolate chip bars are delicious. I had a can of leftover pumpkin from Thanksgiving and decided to make these before Fall treats stop sounding good. They were a hit for sure. 
-Real Simple's chicken paella was so good. I used frozen chicken breast tenderloins (didn't even thaw them beforehand) in place of the chicken thighs, used a bit more smoked paprika, and upped the chicken stock to almost 3 cups. I love one pot meals and will definitely be making this again.

I think that's it for now. What are your favorite recipes or things you've been trying lately? 


  1. LOL Kathryn, I'm sure this food is amazing but with both pregnancies I found all sorts of new food that I was raving and raving about, and this carried on into nursing. Then when I revisited those finds later, I was totally meh about them - it shocked me after both pregnancies, even though I'd been through it already the second time around. The very best food you will EVER EVER eat is whatever you first eat when you get home from the hospital, if you had a long labor and you're nursing. I can't even tell you, and all it was was Panera!!!! XOXO :)

    1. So true, Lisa! I'm sure half the things I'm eating now will be just meh later...but I'm loving 'em now! :) I'm so curious to see what things fall off the list once we have this baby!