Friday, September 5, 2014

Old Swedish Books

I recently acquired these awesome, old, Swedish books. Back when Ryan and I went to Chicago for the weekend for our friend's wedding, they used these great books as part of their centerpieces. When the wedding wrapped up, I was told I could take some home! (I didn't steal them, don't worry) Luckily, Ryan had lots of room in his carry on bag!

I think old books are beautiful. They just have a certain kind of charm about them. 

Some of these books are from the 1800s! And check out this old cookbook! I have yet to try any recipes yet, but I may have to give an old, Swedish recipe a whirl.

My favorite part about them are their bindings - they are so intricate and have such neat designs. [yes, I'm aware I'm a nerd]

I put all of them up on our shelf in the living room. I love adding things to our apartment that make me smile. These remind me of our wonderful time in Chicago and of our friends' fun wedding day!

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