Friday, August 1, 2014

Scandinavia Trip: Norway

The final leg of our trip was checking out Oslo and heading on the Norway in a Nutshell tour from Oslo to Bergen. 

While in Oslo, we took a boat over to Bygdøy peninsula and saw the Viking Ship Museum and the Nordic Folk Museum. Both were great! 

We also walked around Akershus Fortress which was pretty cool.

On our journey to Bergen we got to see some of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen! We saw waterfall after waterfall and the fjords were breathtaking. Not to mention we had the perfect weather - bountiful sunshine.

We saw lots of this:

And tons of waterfalls:

It was just beautiful.

I just loved the little houses in the hills:

Oh look, another waterfall!

After a full day of traveling and drinking in the beautiful Norwegian fjords, we arrived in Bergen. I highly recommend seeing the fjords of Norway someday if you haven't already. 

The wharf in Bergen was pretty spectacular as well.

And here we all are in Bergen, Norway!

All in all, we had a fantastic trip and saw tons of Scandinavia! Now all I need to do is print out a few photos so I can frame a couple and constantly think about vacation! I love being on vacation.

Happy weekend!!


  1. nice pictures!! thanks for sharing them, it looks beautiful!!! soooooo jealous.

  2. We need to do a bff vacay someday! :)

  3. Amazing! I'm soooo jealoussss! :)