Friday, May 2, 2014

Yarn...and more yarn!

This may be last-minute, but better late than never! If you live in the Los Angeles area, you must go check out Itza Knitterie today before they close! It officially closes at the end of today (8pm I believe) and boy oh boy do they have some amazing deals going on.

See all this 100% Icelandic wool?! Each pack of 8 is $8 - only $1 per skein! It's the deal of a lifetime, folks.

Everything in the entire shop is 50% off, including these amazing handmade knitting needles in size US36! I've been wanting to make an oversize throw like this one for a while.

And I had to buy some of this baby llama yarn - so soft. I figured red and white are Scandinavian colors and I could make something Christmas-y with it.

I certainly have a lot of yarn right now. Many projects to come!


  1. omg! an original icelandic yarn for 1 dollar only?! - thats soooo cheap! i would probably buy out the entire stock from that shop!
    gorgeous yarn, especially the white and the red one. wonder what you are going to make out of them?

    1. I know - such a great deal, right?! I actually ended up going back to buy the last to packs of the icelandic wool...too good to pass up! :)