Thursday, May 8, 2014

Who loves alpacas?!

Ever want to get your husband's attention? Tell him you want to buy an alpaca.


Long story short, I met a woman on the LA Yarn Crawl who owns 8 alpacas and she sells their fleece. My initial thought was, "I would love to have a herd of alpacas!". Turns out you don't even need to live on a farm to own alpacas - you can agist them at neighboring farms!

However, agistment is kinda pricey, and we don't live on a farm [yet]. So, I've decided to just buy a couple raw alapaca fleeces to process into roving and yarn. My friend, Beth, and I are going to try our hand at making our own drum carders so we can process the fleece quicker than using hand cards (which would take forevvvver with that much fiber). Then I'd love to try dying the white alpaca fibers with natural dyes, and eventually spin it into yarn. I have a drop spindle, but I have a feeling I'll be investing in a spinning wheel one of these days.

I'm going to buy one grey fleece and two white fleeces. Since I won't be buying an alapaca anytime soon, I've named the fleeces instead: Gandolf (the grey fleece), and Mary Kate and Ashley (the two white fleeces). I'm sure they'll keep me busy until I can someday have my very own alpacas. :)

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