Tuesday, May 13, 2014

So much alpaca fleece!!!

It happened guys, alpaca fleece galore!

Beth and I each bought 3 small fleeces of our own, then we bought a few more to split. I'm researching drum carders and spinning wheels so I can start making this gorgeous fleece into yarn! I enjoy my drop spindle, but with this much fleece I would be spinning til the cows come home! Any carder or wheel recommendations?

I wish you could feel the fleeces...they are so so so soft.

Pure alpaca joy!


  1. Oh, how much fun you will be having! It all looks so yummy and I love the smiles on your faces! Looking forward to hearing all about your new adventure!

  2. Looks like fiber heaven must be at your house!!! Still up in the air about spinning but i am crazy about digging my fingers into a big ole pile of fleece!!!