Friday, March 7, 2014

Minty Mint

 Finally, the weekend!

I'm kicking off this weekend by clipping off some fresh mint and making some infused vinegar.
I'm really living on the edge.

I got the idea from the book I've been using a lot lately, Can it, Bottle It, Smoke It. I was going to make some ginger-infused vinegar with the leftover ginger I had from the ginger beer, but alas, it went bad. So I ended up with just using mint from the garden. I've been really into mint tea these days, so mint vinegar sounded like it would be a good addition to our pantry.

If you want to make your own - simply add some fresh herbs to about 2 cups of vinegar (I used apple cider vinegar). Let sit out for about two weeks and then strain out the herbs. Voila, done!

Yay for weekends and for cheap thrills like infused vinegars. May your weekend be full of the wonderful little things that make life amusing!

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