Sunday, March 16, 2014

Glögg Syrup

 As I was sorting through my things, attempting to organize our kitchen, I came across a few leftover packs of glögg spice mixes from Christmas. I seriously considered making a batch of glögg right then and there. But after further thought, and realizing it was only 10:00 AM, I decided to make some glögg syrup instead.

I took a bottle of wine, added a cup of sugar, and threw one of the packs in the kettle. I let it boil down and simmer away until it was a light syrupy consistency [not as thick as pancake syrup...more along the lines of those syrups they use to flavor coffee]. 

After straining out the solids, I was left with these two lovely jars of glögg syrup. I may or may not drizzle it over some vanilla ice cream when I start missing Christmas. The rest will be kept in my fridge until this fall when I decide to whip up a mug or two of glögg.

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