Friday, January 24, 2014

Cray-Cray for Crayfish

Well, as most of my knitting projects go, I am just now finishing up a project from almost a year ago - the Swedish crayfish hotpad!

I still have to wet felt it to shrink it up and make it sturdier, but I'm loving the design. The little crayfish get me every time, I think they're hilarious for some weird reason (hence the title of this post, cray-cray for crayfish). The pattern is from the book Swedish Handknits and it is the first project I've actually finished from the book. There are tons of super cute patterns in the book and it's about time I start another knitting project - hopefully I can finish it in less than a year this time around.

I'm so glad today is Friday!! Even though I'll be packing all weekend for our upcoming move, I'm looking forward to waking up without an alarm and enjoying some good fika. Have a happy weekend!


  1. Those cray fish are fantastic! What a great little hot pad.

  2. I had recently checked that book out of the library, and at the end of the book, there were the crayfish! So cool!

  3. I am completely in love with this! AND the book! Thank you for sharing it's existence. Immediately went onto my "Birthday" list.

    I stopped by especially to let you know that I deeply appreciate the inspiration and joie de vivre you continue to share in this space. Of course my favorite - the Scandinavian Christmas series every year - this year was especially great! Thank you for the time and effort necessarily spent to remain active in this space and bring us Scandi-goodness! Happy Valentine's Day to you both. And the best of luck with the move.

    1. You will LOVE this book, Pam! So many great patterns!

      And thank you so much for your kind words. I admit, I've been slacking in the blogging department lately...but I'm so glad you get something out of it. <3