Monday, July 29, 2013

Yarn ball decor

I am in the midst of redecorating our apartment, or as I really should call it after two years of living in the same apartment...just decorating. Ha. When Ryan and I first moved in to our humble abode just after we got hitched, we were using much of Ryan's bachelor-pad furniture (which I'm so thankful he had!), but it's time to get grown-up furniture. You know, things that match and stuff.

Side note: Despite the looks of the pictures below, the pictures were actually taken in color. The yarn balls are just different shades of gray and I took the picture on our black coffee table...which is why they look like black and white photos. 

One of my decorating projects were these super easy yarn balls made from yarn scraps I had. I used leftover yarn in random colors for the middle of the balls, then finished them with the different shades of gray and white so they would coordinate. I've been needing something to put in this bowl and I love the yarn decor! I also love the fact that I got to use a bunch of leftover yarn I've had for years - win!

We bought a new couch last weekend! Out will go our little, red, IKEA loveseat and in will come a normal-size, gray couch. Can't wait for it to get delivered this weekend! 

In other non-decorating related news, roller derby is going great. I love it. Like, seriously love it. I'm learning a ton and getting better at every practice (or, at least I think so! ha). I am starting to feel comfortable with transitions (switching  skating frontwards to backwards while skating...) and crossovers. It's so much fun! 

Life is funny, in the best kind of way.

Happy almost-not-Monday-anymore! :-)

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